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I was looking at waiting for the new Haswell CPUs next year to upgrade, and realized that I will have to upgrade my motherboard as well. Would it make more sense to just upgrade to an i7 3770K now and be good for the rest of the year and more. Since I am able to now upgrade to an i7 3770K from my i5 2500K. I hear I will be getting around 33% increase in everday activities and in gaming not soo much. If the 3770K will last me a bit longer and everything that is worth it to me. I am also wondering how high I would be able to overclock the i7 3770K with my Corsair H80 Liquid Cooler. I am getting a very stable 4.6GHz now with the 2500K. So my options are:

1)Keep what I have now and wait for Haswell next year and upgrade motherboard, cpu and ram then..

2)Upgrade just from the i5 2500K to an i7 3770K and be a bit more future proof for a while.

3)Upgrade to the LGA 2011 new Ivy Bridge-E 3930K and a new motherboard for it sometime this summer for my next big upgrade and be good for awhile.

I am thinking about going with option #3, mainly because I will have the money and the performance of the 3930K will still be reallly good and far superior to the Haswells when they come out. My question is also how well would the 3930K overclock? I was just reading the i7 3820 is overclockable!? Can they be?
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  1. Keep what you have and upgrade when you NEED to upgrade, not necessarily Haswell, but when you NEED to.

    Unless your doing something that uses hyperthreading, and it sounds like your not, the i7 won't be any faster at all really unless it's running at least 4.3ghz, because your overclocking to 4.6 and Ivy is only about 10% faster than Sandy.
  2. ok, you got the "upgrade bug"; got a few bucks in your pocket and its burning a hole.

    that cpu really is still a good performer. is there something else to improve? that SSD still big enough? that monitor giving you any eye strain? chair nice and comfy?

    what i do wonder is that H80 doing good enough that a H100 can't improve?
  3. I can't improve upon the H80->H100 because of my case, which is a good case and the H80 is well good enough anyway. My chair is fine haha, SSD isn't worth it to me right now and I guess my CPU is a good performer OCed to 4.6Ghz on Liquid cooling also. So what would be a good upgrade for me next in the not too distant future? I am really liking the price/performance of the i7 3820 and a new motherboard upgrade LGA 2011 boards, also quad channel.
  4. So let me know what you guys think?
  5. mf2385 said:
    So let me know what you guys think?

    I think you're just going to be disappointed no matter what you upgrade to unless you're really looking at just benchmarks (none of those upgrades is going to offer a much different user experience - unless you're running a data center at home or doing tons of video editing on hours long videos).
  6. Lol, I'm not disappointed, I'm just looking for future releases and getting the best option I can! :)
  7. Future releases?

    Ivy Bridge E will be out soon in s2011, but what's the point? It's a workstation platform. It'll offer slightly higher performance than a Ivy Brdige non E.
  8. mf2385 said:
    Lol, I'm not disappointed, I'm just looking for future releases and getting the best option I can! :)

    well after consulting my crystal ball; the rig you have now seems to be very sufficient to be covered with anything in the foreseeable future. it you want a little more wiggle room, then you may want to consider a i7-3770K. that would also give you something to toy with since the ivy bridge chips get warmer than a sandy when overclocking. so you could spend some time playing around with it, finding how low to keep the voltage and temps down while getting the best overclock you can. here is an article about that:
    Undervolting and Overclocking on Ivy Bridge

    going for a sandy-E set up really makes no sense unless you are doing heavy video editing and 3D rendering, which an ivy bride i7 gives it a run for its money anyhow. also you would need to get another motherboard and ram making the cost about $1K; you would then just dump if haswell is all that and a bag of chips.

    so maybe an i7 3770K, since you have some decent liquid cooling to deal with the temps until you find the voltage sweet spot, might be what you are looking for w/o needlessly spending money.
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