Is it possible to dual card?

i have a 6970 in my current build and i have a spare 6770. is there any possible way i could use it as an apu to take some of the load off of the 6970?
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  1. You can crossfire those two cards as long as its the same gpu architecture / family, as in your case HD 6XXX.
  2. but how? i dont see an option to enable it in ccc
  3. You cannot crossfire these two, tinmann is wrong. You need to have same family, as he said, but same family means either 69XX or 67XX, but not with each other. Also, you'd need a crossfire bridge if you were to crossfire identical cards.
  4. You CANNOT Crossfire these two. The two cards must be in the same 'hundred series'... Have a look at this chart.

  5. There's no other use for it either. It can't run PhysX or anything like that. You can use it to run more monitors but that's about it.
  6. @ itlieswithin,

    the 6970 is quite superior over the 6770, so unless you are specifically intending to perform GPU processing on some sort of commercial level - in which case you would be better off going to the 9350-9370 cards - theone card, 6970 is quite sufficient.

    At all levels of home entertainment, or gaming etc, it is a pretty damn good card... I would look at selling the 6770 for what you can, and saving for the next architecture upgrade whe you really feel you need it.
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