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I am looking for either A. a low cost generic case (its going to be gutted for the panels)

or a source from which i could buy pre-stamped aluminum case backs (the rear where the Motherboard stencils are placed along with the expansion bay holes), drive bays (HDD and CD), and an ATX Motherboard tray. Possibly mesh style covers for the expansion bay slots.

I am working on a product I will eventually like to sell and would like to make a couple prototypes without having to get things tooled just yet.

Any and all help is appreciated!

If you have access to ALL of these parts, I am willing to pay you a % finders fee for 5-10 sets.

Thank you for your time!
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  1. Bump, Anyone?
  2. Thank you!

    These guys seem great for getting the prototype up and running...

    Guess i'll have to use these as a guide and get cheaper stuff stamped out later.

    If anyone has any insight about where I could find the Motherboard Trays and etc for cheaper, let me know! :)

    Thanks again JKatwyopc
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