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Hi, I hope someone can help me with this problem. About 3 weeks ago I built a computer for the first time with very little knowledge of what I was doing other than basic stuff.

Recently I noticed that when my computer went to sleep all of my fans would turn off, then a few seconds later they would turn on full speed for a second then go off again. all of the fans keep doing this intermittently while it is asleep. I'm not really sure what the problem is.

My build:

CM Haf 932
i5 2500k
ASROCK extreme3 Gen3
Crucial m4 128g
WD Caviar blue 500g
OCZ 750w
Saphire 7950
G.Skills Sniper 8gb
Win 7 64-bit oem
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    While your PC sleep the fans will stop also, the fans will also spin to cool the CPU, HDD,SSD and GPU. It doesn't mean that when your PC is on sleep mode, everything is turn off. In my experienced using a desktop PC, I never put my PC on a sleep mode cause it is still wasting energy and creating heat that may cause problems in the system in the long run. One piece of advise, always shutdown a PC when not in use for a long period of time.
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  3. Thanks. I usually do turn off the PC when I'm not using, like when I'm at work, but other than that I'm usually on it anyway.
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