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I'm building a office PC for a friend, and basically what he wants is the capability to hook up 3 monitors. He will doing some slightly graphically intensive things (he runs a painting business), so i decided to give him an HD6450 low profile card.


My question is:

1. will this card support 3 monitors? It has 2x dvi ports and 1x hdmi, but can all 3 be active at the same time?

2. He will NOT be using eyefinity, but will i still need to get active adapters or something? he will need to change both dvi-to-vga and hdmi-to-vga (an hdmi-to-dvi is included, so could i just add ANOTHER adapter on top of that to go from dvi to vga?).

thank you for your help
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  1. Okay after doing some research, i realized that i CANT use this card with 3 monitors even though it says its eyefinity ready because the 3rd monitor needs to come from a display port.

    so after tweaking some things around i came to the conclusion that i might as well just use 2x low profile geforce 8400

    will this set up support 3 monitors? i will have 2 monitors from the 1st card, and 1 more monitor from the 2nd card. Is this okay? I havent really worked with nvidia cards before.

  2. to be able to install and use 2 cards they should be SLI/crossfire enabled. as I saw on the picture those 8400s are not.

    P.S. if he does paint it with latest Adobe painting software - he may want card with Cuda cores, more = better, but few = bad(because processor may be better than card itself)
  3. I guess with AMD/ATI for third monitor you should use adapter to DVI...
  4. thanks for the reply.

    after tinkering a bit, i decided to go with this card: HD 6670

    it has 1x DVI, 1x HDMI, and 1x Display Port. Now just to be absolutely sure; all of my friends 3 monitors are VGA (D-SUB), so these are the adaptors i will need:

    1. DVI -> VGA
    2. HDMI -> VGA
    3. ACTIVE DP -> VGA

    with those adapters, will i be okay to connect 3 monitors? i know eyefinity tends to get a bit finicky with adaptors...

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