Microstuttering Fix!!!!

I don't know if this is just for me but i hit alt-tab to check something out of metro 2033 and when i went back and it reloaded the stuttering was gone. I went further with this and dead island is the same!! Parts of Metro that was choppy and like a slideshow now perform normally. Dead island has a smooth as can be frame rate and I'm going to be experimenting with this further but at least those 2 games perform how I'd like. Games like crysis 2 though that don't like alt-tabing out wont work obviously but I thought people on here would like to know this. Sounds very stupid that this fixes my microstuttering with something as simple as alt-tabing lol. So if anyone else who experiences microstuttering wants to try this or show that I'm a noob and this is old news please tell me!!! thanks everybody!

i7 2600k oc 4.2ghz
asus sabertooth p67
2xtwin frozr 3 6950 cfx
8gb PNY 1366mhz in XMP
WD caviar black 1TB
corsair h60 watercooler
1200w silent gold coolermaster PSU
corsair 600t
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  1. It's still ongoing but this has worked with everything I can tab out of. It made skyrim smooth as butter but it still lags like crazy when your indoors in like houses and dungeons which they need to patch. Besides this it boosts performance. I've noticed still a little stuttering but way better than what it was before. With games like metro 2033, skyrim, and dead islands microstuttering this help is always welcome. spread the word! and let me know if it works for you!
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