Critique my new build!

Hi all,

I will be building this system in the next few weeks looking for advice regarding my choices and have a few questions at the bottom. A friend jumped on this bandwagon and we might be building TWO of the same or very similar PCs. I've done quite a bit of research on this site but still have a few questions (skip to bottom if you wanna see those first). Thanks for any input!

Approximate Purchase Date: This Month.

Budget Range: ~1600, flexible just looking for a sweet spot in terms of bang for the buck.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Movies, daily pc use..

Parts Not Required: Monitor, Speakers, keyboard, mouse

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:, whatever is the cheapest

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: Intel, nVidia

Overclocking: Yes! (although i've never done it before)

SLI or Crossfire: Yes but later this summer

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Intel i5-2500K:225$

MOBO: questions here, debating between
ASROCK E3G3: 130$

ASROCK E7G3: 260$, Won a comparo on tomshardware but still debating why its TWICE the price, any help?

Corsair 600 the white one Mid ATX: 160$

PSU: Seasonic M12II 850 Watts: 150$

Memory: 16 gb, probably overkill but its pretty cheap. Gskill Ripjaws Z series 4x 4gb 160$

SSD: Gonna go with only an SSD to start, eventually adding another drive later
Intel 520 120 GB: 191$

Crucial M4 128 GB: 182$

Coolmaster Hyper 212: 35$

GPU: Still questions here, debating whether to wait for Kepler.... I definitely want SLI later this summer (along with a 2560x1600 monitor) for now I will be gaming in 1080p. I have always liked nVidia for some reason. Was thinking about starting with a 560Ti and adding a second 560TI this summer, something like this: 250$

DVD drive: Not important which one, 40$
OS: Windows 7 somthing 100$

For a grand total of 1570$ (or 1440 with the cheaper mobo).

So my questions are:

1. Is the Asrock E7G3 worth the extra 130$? any other Z68 mobos to consider here? This is the part I'm least comfortable with.

2. Will the 850 W PSU run all that equipment and eventually a second GPU?

3. Will the case and memory fit the aftermarket cooler?

4. Which GPU would you guys consider?

Thanks for any input
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  1. The 560ti is the best bang for buck atm.
  2. azeem40 said:
    The 560ti is the best bang for buck atm.

    whats best bang for the buck is a very opinionated thing to ask from us.

    if the 560ti is the best bang for the buck right now thats great but he has 1600 dollars to spend on a rig and the 7970 slots in very nicely in that price range.

    OP look at the 7970. its the best you can buy right especially if your going to 2560x1600. a 560ti will not give playable fps in any game at the highest settings cause thats twice the resolution of 1080p.

    they are supposed to be around 550-600 dollars btw
  3. He wanted to sli in the future, so I said that.
  4. azeem40 said:
    He wanted to sli in the future, so I said that.

    you think sli'ed 560ti's could max BF3 at 2560x1600?
  5. Nvidia is usually best for high resolution I believe.
  6. i thought it was the other way around but it doesnt matter 2 560tis arent really better then 1 7970
  7. Yes, it is better than 2 560ti. I didn't suggest earlier cuz you mentioned sli.
  8. Some Kepler cards MAY be out this month as well. Or if you can wait a bit. I'd go 7970 if you have the money and don't want to wait.

    SLI/Crossfire don't make much sense unless you already have one of the cards, there's a huge price/performance difference, or you're doing it with the top cards to push some insane display setup. They aren't really a desirable thing to have with all their issues, they are just an option. Planning a new build around last Gen mid range cards doesn't make sense when you get the same performance from a single current Gen card at the same price. Plus you can always Crossfire with the better single card a few yearslater to "double" performance and save some cash. Once a set of 560Tis can't keep up theirs nothing to do but buy a new card.
  9. CF also helps in multi-monitor setups.
  10. Thanks for all the replies! I'm assuming the rest of the build is good seeing how all the replies are about the GPU.

    Im just going by "Best GPUs for the money: February" from this site: Best GPU for ~470$ is a tie between 560Ti x 2 or 6950 x 2. As i said i like the option of buying one now to game in 1080p and adding the second one later this summer once i've saved up for 2560x1600...
  11. Also, anyone wanna tackle question #1 about the Mobo?
  12. Pete_the_Puma said:
    Also, anyone wanna tackle question #1 about the Mobo?

    g3e3 is, as someone said about 560ti, best bang for your buck, but the difference is, if you don't need extra features of e7 (more pci-e slots, usb3.0, sata3 ports) than it's a waste since it's basically the same motherboard with added controllers; i don't think you need 3rd pci-e slot since 3/4-way sli/crossfire has been proven to be a waste in games (3rd card adds less than 50% of its potential, 4th more often than not does more harm than good to not just fps, but stability too and obviously power draw)

    i suggest you to compare the features yourself on asrock's specification page for each mobo and decide for yourself

    also if you work off $1600 then do yourself a favour and grab 7970

    i'd also get corsair AX series psu (80+ gold vs 80+ bronze efficiency for added $20), 750w should suffice for 7970 crossfire in the future, could also go for 850 but the new components draw so much less power nowadays (in comparison to 480 fermi for example), i don't think it's necessary
  13. a single 7970 is better in the long run then any sli or cfx setup you could conjure up for less the 550
  14. That is true. In my case, however, I want to run eyefinity in 2013, so I will get a better setup by then for it. OP, I recommend the 7970 as well.
  15. are you all nuts ?
    get Asus mobo
    change psu to 900+ watts .. Corsair or Kingwin Platinum
    I have that gpu and it's pretty good
  16. I highly doubt 2 560tis will need a 900W Platinum PSU... An 850W PSU is just fine...
  17. 560ti SLi is barely better than a single 7970 for high resolutions.lets a very gpu intensive game like metro 2033,560ti SLi-
    and 7970-
    you can't upgrade 560ti SLi but you can xfire 7970.
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