Is my GTX 560 TI bottlenecked by my CPU?

Hello guys, my name is James, i just recently bought a new rig, it consists of a AMD Phenom II x4 Quad Core 2.9 ghz CPU, 6 gigs DDR3 ram, with a 550 watt psu... I decided to up my GPU to the GTX 560 TI from the ATI Radeon HD 5770... I play MMO's, SW:ToR and WoW, and sadly I do not notice a difference in the highly populated areas... do you guys think my GPU is getting bottlenecked?
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  1. That card shouldn't bottleneck with a quad core cpu. What is the brand name of your PSU?
  2. Rosewill RP550 PSU... Model AP 600k

    thank you for the quick reply btw... maybe its the psu? it would be a cheaper upgrade thats for sure.

    EDIT: might i add, the video card requires 2 6pin connectors, i only had 1 from my psu, so i needed to use the 6 pin molex adapter to get my 2nd
  3. any second opinions? im a very impulsive buyer... this time im gonna wait though untill i get some more feedback from you guys...

    not sure if I should upgrade my AMD cpu, or get a 1155 socket mobo with an i5...

    or maybe simply a new PSU will solve my issues? I would really love/appreciate some more responses... thank you guys
  4. I am not going to give you a long tech speech about how many watts on a 12v rail that card requires. The Rosewill RP is in the tier 3 chart for PSU's It is stating that this model is Temp sensitive and it is on the line between good and bad.

    With that being said I would think when your PSU gets to a certain temp then it starts to cut down on power to protect its self. This would be my opinion as to why you think you are bottlenecking. Since the PSU didn't come with the proper amount of molex's then maybe you upgrade the PSU.

    Now the 560 requires a min of a 500w PSU so here is a link to a 500w and a link to a 750w. You can check out more on your own but try to stay with the Antec, Seasonic, XFX, and the Corsair brands. I hope this is the problem. Good luck to ya
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