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Creative X-Fi CMSS-3D Problems

When I enable X-Fi CMSS-3D I can get it to work with Windows Media Player and a few apps on my PC but when I play music in Google Chrome it does not go through all the speakers, just the front ones. I have a 5.1 setup by the way. Any help would be gladly appreciated! If I can remember right I got it to work somehow before, just not sure how!
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  1. nityking1 said:
    When I enable X-Fi CMSS-3D I can get it to work with Windows Media Player and a few apps on my PC but when I play music in Google Chrome it does not go through all the speakers, just the front ones. I have a 5.1 setup by the way. Any help would be gladly appreciated! If I can remember right I got it to work somehow before, just not sure how!

    Same problem here did a fresh install twice trying to figure out what the issue is. Creative makes the worst drivers on the market. seriously crap. let me know if you find the solution. then again im getting fed up with Creative i might go buy a better card.
  2. What card is it you are running? Have you tried the different modes as well as setting Upmix to ON and not Auto?

    I am asking this because so far CMMS-3D has worked great for me and is THE reason i use an X-fi(PCI-e titanium) card(And the Audigy 2zs before it).

    The only time i have seen it NOT work was when the program was sending blank audio to the other channels. An example of this would be PowerDVD with music files. With all its own enhancements off, because it is set to 5.1 sound sends no sound to those extra channels(so the card thinks, hey I am getting all the channels, lets not touch that.). If power DVD is set to 2 channel it will work fine with CMSS 3D

    CMSS will only do its thing if it sees a 2 channel source being played. I just use the Stereo surround option. A DPDT switch can make your own cmss surround if you do not care for the center channel(my least favorite for music and most favorite for movies :) )

    I will have to go try chrome(Right now Windows8 has some chrome issues so I will have to go play with win7).

    Have you tried other browsers just in case.

    its freaking adobe flash player ver.11.3.300.262 !!!!

    they changed the way the sound works do a google search for cmss-3d adobe flash player

    install older version adobe flash player which is a pain
    you have to download the uninstaller from adobe to remove a registry key that wont let you install old versions

    installed older version of flash and now cmss-3d works

    I reinstalled windows 7 like 4 times before i figured this out, please spread the word.

    creative or adobe if you ever read this please fix this!

    tags - cmss-3d google chrome internet explorer adobe flash player

    EDIT: I reinstalled the newest 11.3.300.262 and now cmss-3d is still working
    im gonna mess around some more and will post again when i figure out just how adobe flash is breaking

    EDIT2: ok this is so strange! I FIXED IT! but how im not sure so I will tell you what I did. I uninstalled adobe flash and installed the old adobe flash it started working. then i installed the new adobe flash and it kept working. I did a reinstall of windows 7 and installed the daniel_k drivers from guru3d like i have been doin and this time it kept working!!!! WHY???? so weird! i mean how can a install of old adobe flash make cmss-3d and adobe keep working thru a reinstall of win 7!! I been doing reinstalls of win 7 all week trying to fix this and running daniel_K, PAX, and creative drivers and nothing worked until I installed adobe flash

    so for anyone else having this issue install that old version of adobe and see what happens I bet it will start working and then upgrade if u want and see if it keeps working otherwise stay on the old one till someone smarter than us fixes this. i hope this post helps someone cause its been driving me crazy all week.

    EDIT3: ok last word on this for now. I was finishing up my reinstall when i noticed had no cmss-3d but pandora did!?! so I can confirm that adobe flash player 11.3.300.262 does not work with cmss-3d rite but does so until this is fixed im sticking with I still cant figure out why pandora suddenly started working tho. but all I know is that works across the board and the new one is funky with cmss-3d lets hope creative or adobe fixes whatever is going on. good luck to anyone who encounters this problem and I hope you find this thread.
  4. The newest version of Flash supports 5.1 and 7.1 audio. This is the reason why CMSS does not work.

    CMSS only kicks in when it sees a 2 channel source(Lets use Winamp as an example).

    Start up Winamp and play with the CMSS settings, you get instant changes. This is because Winamp is pushing out 2 channels.

    Use powerDVD with a 5.1 DVD playing and mess with CMSS, nothing happens because cmss does not touch 5.1 sound it just lets it pass on by.

    The problem here is that Adobe Flash is sending 5.1 audio, but it is sending a silent channel to the rears/center/sub. The speakers or sound card will take the bass to send to the sub either way, but the other missing channels are because as far as cmss is concerned, it is running a 5.1 program and does not have to touch the sound.

    This does suck, but with some testing the same effect is notices with onboard audio as well.

    Tested with X-Fi titanium fatality(on sale) pci-e, can test with Audigy 2zs as well
  5. I'm sorry for not responding, I have had some other computer problems and just got back from vacation. I'll try the going back to an old flash player version and tell you what I can find. Thanks!
  6. I tried downloading the Flash Player version that you guys told me to and I cannot find a link. Can someone link me to it? Thanks!
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    Can you link some of the vids that do not work. I am starting to wonder if some of the problems are related to certain vids or not.

    I still think CMSS 3d is seeing 5.1 audio and not messing with it. CMSS 3D off is still playing on ALL speakers(X-Fi titanium fatality. Latest Beta, Win8). Switching it on and off does not even change the sound at all like it does with any 2 channel stream.

    seems to have 5.1 in the video it self.

    Now at the same time I can go to this vid and only get 2 channels, but as soon as CMSS 3D is switched on it plays on all speakers.

    Seems to have only 2 channel, but works with CMSS 3D.

    This leaves me wondering if some companies are playing with the 5.1/7.1 ability offered in flash.

    As for the question about older versions.


    I was playing with onboard sound and none of the videos had 5.1 sound. Not even those that have 5.1 on my other pc. On the above page you will see "How do I do a clean install of Flash Player?"

    After performing that, the 5.1 vids now have all speakers even on onboard sound. That said 2 channel ones are still only 2 channel, but thats fine because CMSS 3D will fix that for X-fi/Audigy users :)

    So that is the answer, clean install flash.

    This also explains why my Win8 system was unaffected because it started with a new version.

    Hope this helps someone.
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  9. Thanks man, worked for me! Hopefully this will help other people. There are only a few threads scattered on random forums about it and no one got something that worked.
  10. Wow, thank you so much, I've been searching for hours to get a solution!! :)
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