~$200 Upgrade, need suggestions

Yo. I am looking to beef up my PC I built around 18 months ago. The specs are as follows:

P55 UD3L
XFX 5770 1GB
i5 750(not 2500k) OC'ed to 3.8GHz

I play at 1920x1080. I'm not sure if my 5770 is cutting it. It runs most games on medium to high settings, but still suffers dips at times. If I were to spend $200 on upgrades, what would be the best way to go? I do not think Crossfire is a good option since my second PCI-E slot is only x4 speed. I am looking to play games at high to ultra settings with 60+ FPS for the next few years. Should I spend $200 on a GPU? Or $160 on a GPU, and get 8GB of RAM? I would prefer to stick with ATI, since I may move to a dual-monitor setup down the road.
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  1. This card card will do the what you are looking to do. There a lot more so I will give you two links one for the card and the other for the page. with what you have in the crossfire would not work to good for you. Good luck to ya


  2. Ya for under $200 the only and best option is the 6870 but for your price range you will not find anything that can max all games out with 60fps+ 6870 can be had for $160
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