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Graphics card for dell gx620

My system specs are as follows
Dell GX620
Processor: Intel pentium D 3.4 ghz
Ram: 1GB
HDD: 160 gb
Motherboard: Intel 945
PSU: 305 watts (my original problem)
DVD combo drive

Now I need to upgrade my video card because my built in intel 945g sucks when it come to modern gaming, today I see used ati x1550 on sale in market, and I really want to buy it because it only cost around $25 what is my actual budget, don't laugh because I live in third world country and that's all I can afford. So will you guys please tell me will it run on my system which have only 305 watts power supply and what I determine from internet searching it require at least 420 watt psu, so will it work on my 305 watt psu also please can you tell me if this card have hardware t&l, because in it specs it didn't mention it, also can you please tell me what kind of games I can play after this upgrade. Looking forward to your replies, thanks in advance.
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  1. I am afraid even with the X1550 card(and the new power supply you would need), your computer will still have trouble keeping up with most modern games. It is just too old. Sorry.

    You can view this web site and see if there are games you can play with your current system. I have a more modern system, but I still like to play older games at times.
  2. I sure can't expect to play gta iv with this system, by modern gaming I meant games up to 2007-2008, thanks for your reply, after more internet searching I found out that this card is better than my built in chipset so I bought it and now I know it support hardware t&l because I can play driver parallel lines with it which I couldn't play with intel chipset, it is certainly an improvement in my system, now can you guys suggest a good graphics card which I can buy for 50-60 $ and which will work with 305 watts power supply because I am planning on saving from my monthly budget to have a good card.
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    Something like a Radeon HD 5550 would fit your budget and power supply. It is not a great gaming card, but it is a large improvement over your current card, and it is compatible with DirectX 11 games. If you can wait just a couple of months or so, the newer 7000 series cards will be here which will drop the prices of the older cards even further.

    One other thing I thought of was some of the web sites that offer free games and demos. One site I use is HTTP:// Another is HTTP:// Many of the games are silly games for little kids, but many are extremely fun and addicting. Ever played Peggle, Chuzzle, or Angry Birds? If not you should try them.

    I have also seen numerous free racing games if that is what you like.
  4. The 7970 is already in stock actually. :P
  5. azeem40 said:
    The 7970 is already in stock actually. :P

    Yes. But I was referring to when all the other models begin to populate the channel. Historically, that's when they all the older cards start to drop in price.
  6. get a hd6670
    you can get this in Rs3000-Rs4000 in india
    and it require only 75w and thus will definately work in your system
    to confirm this, check you psu rating at 12v, you need at least 15A rating at 12v (check sticker or manual of psu)

    and you can run gta4 at medium settings at 1920x1200 resolution with around 40fps, and new games too like mw2,mw3,l4d,jc2 etc at medium settings or high settings
  7. Thanks for all your answers in assisting me I will soon go one of these cards you mention, thanks again.
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