Blackscreen "No signal detected" on game launch

Hello, I have a problem. Recently, I had to RMA my 5770, and when I put the new one in, games I used to run fine began blackscreening, most notably Borderlands and Jane's Fleet Command. Upon launch, my monitor will go to a blackscreen for about 5 seconds, followed by a message that says "no signal detected." At this point, the power button is orange instead of blue, as if the monitor is in standby. However, the computer still responds to keyboard commands, and I if I control-alt-delete I can get sounds in my headset when I hit log off.

Specs: HiS 5770
AMD Phenom II X$ 965 Processor 3.4 GHz
Windows 764 bit

Any help woould be great, thanks. Also, please talk to me like I am a retard, as I am not excellent with computers.
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  1. Are the drivers up to date?
    Are your Windows Updates up to date?

    Sometimes the two need to correspond in order to work. If everything is up to date and you have made sure it is plugged in correctly and the cable to your monitor is good, then you might need to RMA the card. I had a friend with a 5770 that had to get it RMA'ed 3 times.
  2. Yes and Yes. unfortunately, the problem appears to be with any game that starts in an 840x600 resolution. I can get around it by running some in windowed mode.
  3. Have you tried to change your resolution to see if that is it? You might have to reinstall your games. Everything else is ok like surfing the internet etc? Just the games cause it to blank out?

    Off topic. I loved Janes fleet command and my copy something happened to it and I no longer was able to play it again. It would load but while playing it would do all kinds of stuff that wasn't the game.

    SO I went online to find the game and they don't have it anymore but they have the same game but it is now called Sonalysts. It is the exactly the same game as Janes is. So if you ever have to replace it just rember what I told you.
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