FX-8120 temperatures

got an fx-8120 and 990fxa-ud3 from gigabyte and my cpu temps are weirdly high (or are they?) - NB! I have a stock cooler.
I clocked my fx-8120 @ 3.8ghz 1.3v and the temps go 65 at max load...
I met some1 who has fx-8120 aswell but a ASUS M5A97 motherboard and he got 4.0ghz at 1.3125 voltage and he has temps of 50C at max load and he has stock cooler aswell..

Should i be worried about my CPU temps or readings or smth ? Do i have a faulty cpu/mobo ?
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  1. Did you install the cooler correctly?
  2. yeah, checked it 3 times and rotated it a bit to make sure its all nice and tight :P
  3. Bump!
    Please guys, anything ? Im really worried ! :/
  4. 65 Degrees max load on stock is quite low man...You shouldn't be worried in the slightest. Are you sure the person you met didn't have an aftermarket cooler or live in a fridge? CPU's are designed to run far hotter, closer to 100 Degrees, before they will start to throttle.
  5. 65C isn't bad but I'd buy an aftermarket cooler if your worried even the slightest, even spending just $20 could make a world of difference, I use the Coolermaster TX2 and recommend to everyone, it costs about $25.
  6. so i shouldnt be worried at all and the CPU performance doesent drop when it hits 65C or so ?
  7. No it won't affect the performance, like someone else stated when you get up to like 95C your performance might start to drop, but if you get up to 95C you have a bigger problem worry about.
  8. One VERY important thing you're all forgetting here is that the max temp for the 8120 is only 61C. Yes, you read that correctly: 61C.

    Now, 65C isn't the worst thing in the world, but much higher than that can be. AMD CPU's can't run as warm as Intel's can (no idea why, that's just the way it is).
  9. so i should be worried `?
  10. cheti said:
    so i should be worried `?

    Not overly worried, but a good aftermarket cooler like a 212 Evo (if it will fit in your case) is something you should seriously consider.
  11. Okay, i have 2x4gb corsair vengeance ram and 990fxa-ud3 motherboard.
    the case is bitfenix merc BETA.
    Will it fit in my case ?
  12. It should fit in that case just fine, and as long as the RAM is in the 2nd and 4th RAM slots (guessing that's what it should be for Dual Channel), you won't have any issues there either.
  13. yeah its in the most furthest ddr3 slots.

    there were markings on the mobo called: DDR3_1 DDR3_2 DDR3_3 and DDR_4 so i installed it in the DDR3_1 and DDR3_2 slots which were dual channel and on the most right(est)
  14. You should be good to go then. :)
  15. so a hyper 212 evo should do the trick at 4.0ghz ? :) maybe i can squeeze even more out of it ?
  16. cheti said:
    so a hyper 212 evo should do the trick at 4.0ghz ? :) maybe i can squeeze even more out of it ?

    Yes on both, I'd say. :)
  17. also, is it louder than an am3+ stock cooler ?
  18. cheti said:
    also, is it louder than an am3+ stock cooler ?

    LOL, no. It should be MUCH quieter.
  19. You're using the stock cooler what do you expect. While the stock cooler is ok for everyday use it's only ok and it can't dissipate the extra heat created by overclocking. I would get a good aftermarket cooler like the Hyper 212.
  20. I have fx 8120 @ stock / stock cooler, asus motherboard. Idle temp is around 34 to 36 ( I am browsing and watching youtube)..... at max load it goes up to 52. I think at 65 you should not be worried, but yes you should control it now, rather than having some major problem later. I have 2 x 120 mm fans intake and 1 x140mm exhaust mounted on the case.

    Just do the following things
    1. how much psu you have ?
    2. What about your ventilation ? you might want to check the airflow
    3. room temperature ?
    4. try a good quality thermal, and place the stock cooler again.
    5. if nothing as above works, then buy an after market cooler.

    I am sure nothing is wrong/faulty in your system :)
  21. i have a corsair gs600 psu
    i have one 120mm fan on the top rear as outtake
    i have no idea about room temperature, but outside its like 15C or so.
  22. I will give you a bad idea, but it will work. If you have a hair dryer, just set it to normal/cool (not hot) and blow some air on your cpu from some distance, say about 12 inches. Try it from different directions, for about 2 to 3 minutes, if the cpu temperature goes down then you know, that you need to mount some fans on your case and everything will be good.

    I would suggest 2 intake fans 120mm minimum, and 140mm exhaust :)

    I am sure you will be all good after this.
  23. by the way, do check your stock cooler fans rpm as well.
  24. stock cooler fan goes to 3000rpm when it reaches 60C or so, doesent go over ~3200rpm..

    also, im kinda afraid to do the hairdryed trick
  25. RPM is good, then just go buy 2 case fans, it wont cost you more than $20, and in anyway you should be having good ventilation in the case.
  26. so where do i mount the fans ? i have 1 top-rear exhaust and i have a 120mm bitfenix case fan lying around. where to put it ?
  27. just mount it on the side panel, if there is place ( if no, then on the back side of the case). I would highly recommend that the fan should INTAKE the air, and throw on the processor/heatsink. if you have filters, then don't forget to use them while mounting your fan.
  28. Okay, since i live in estonia prices here are pretty high for a hyper 212 evo.

    Is there a place where i can buy a hyper212 evo onlien and they ship it to estonia ?
    can i trust ebay for example ?
  29. I feel embarrassed about people saying that the AMD CPUs could go upto 90-95 C temp levels. Go home guys,you're drunk. That's the case with Intel CPUs. Most of the FX CPUs will begin to throttle at 71C. The 8120 here,like DjDecibel said,has the safe operating temp 61C. And about the guy who got 50C on overclocked CPU,under max load....Come on...! Is he even joking? AMD CPUs don't stand a chance to get that low temperatures. And,I'm starting to wonder what he meant by max load....Is it browsing Internet?? I guess so... :p
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