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plz tell me the bestest external tv tunner card for my pc
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  1. There is not much difference in tv cards for home usage. If you have DTV signal, you can buy any card, it will work good. Difference could be HD cards, they are bit more expensive but you can watch h264 streams in HD (if it is available).

    If you need hardware decoding of streams or analog/hybrid card (I don't know why should you need that stuff) there are some more expensive cards for that.
  2. Depending on your setup, and what your ultimately trying to do. Two of the better external cards are the Ceton and Silicon Dust

    Homerun Prime


    or if you are on a budget Hauppage has a model

    Also the hauppage is made by silicon dust as well. So while i haven't used that one i'd assume it would work similar to the hd prime only you have just 2 tuners instead of the 3 in hd homerum prime and 4 in the ceton. However, the hauppage model comes in at just 125 dollars. So you have a decent savings over the other two.
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