Is a GTX 560 overkill for my current computer?…
HP p6210y
AMD Athlon II x4 620 Processor 2.6Ghz
GeForce 9600Gt
6gb RAM
550watt PSU
64-bit O.S.
(pretty much all I've changed from the original specs is the 9600 graphics card and the 550watt PSU)

I'm wanting to be able to play games like WoW & Total War Series (specifically Shogun 2) on MAX settings/40+FPS in busy cities/raids settings. I would also like a graphics card that will be able to run games like Skyrim eventually (slowly upgrading this PC) so I don't want to get another card that I will be replacing in 12-18 months.

I'm thinking of getting the Geforce 560GTX. I understand this card is likely an overkill for Shogun and most certainly WoW but would I be 'bottlenecking' my system by getting this card? Is my CPU or MoBo too weak to really use this card?…

I'm pretty sure I will need a new PSU to go with the card.. Figured 700watt would be safe? Does brand play a role in PSU? Below is a link to the PSU I'm planning on getting...…

Lastly, as I already have 6gb RAM (couldn't tell you if it is ddr1/2/3) do I need to worry about upgrading that in order to play these games? In the event I have 6gb of ddr1 would it be worth replacing those for 6gb ddr3??

Any advice is appreciated (please supply replacement product names or links if you're recommending something different than what I currently have selected). I've been out of the computer world for some years now so before I go make these purchases I wanted to make sure I wasn't making any glaringly bad mistakes with this system.
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  1. the resolution of your monitor is...........????
  2. If you have a high resolution monitor like 1920X1080 then it will not be an overkill but if you have a low resolution monitor like 1280X768 then it will be an overkill.
  3. :heink: You wont face any problem with your GTX560Ti and Athlon 2 X4 620 CPU. If you game at 1080p resolution you wont face much CPU bottlenecks. If you game on a low resolutions like 1366 X 768 then you may face a bit CPU bottlenecking. Even then there is noting "Overkill" you will get a fluid FPS even at low resolution.........
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    Aside: Do you have a quality 550 watt PSU? If yes then you have plenty of amps for your new card. If no, you have a generic/nobrand/offbrand 550 watt PSU then definitely swap if for a quality part even if you stick with 500w.

    The max power consumption of a gtx560 is 150w. (google gtx560 and TDP). The rest of your system combined is less than 200 watts. Fits nicely in 550w PSU. (aside 560ti has a 170 watt draw and also fits nicely with a 550w PSU).

    RE card being overkill, or bottlenecking your system. That means that the fast card can't totally spread it wing and fly, not that somehow a faster card makes your total system run slower. Go with the 560. Grin as you play. Later upgrade CPU + MB w/o upgrading video. go for it.

    edit: forgot. Your 9600GT is still a very nice card. Give it away and make someone happy. Sell it on ebay, still worth more than shipping. If you store it (in case the 560 fails) then make sure you use the anti-static material the gtx560 came in to keep your 9600gt safe. I've still got a 9600gt in a q6600 running upstairs in a kids room, as you know, it's still got game.
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  6. Thank you all for the responses. tsnor - would you be able to recommend a MoBo that would be suitable for running an i5-2500 so I can keep an eye out for deals/specials until this Christmas?
  7. Hi, I don't know MBs, maybe Outlander or someone can help. (I mainly upgrade prebuilt systems, thus need to understand power, don't need to know who makes MBs with solid caps)

    The decisions you need to make are things like <do you trust manufacturer> and

    (1) chipset. There are a bunch of chipsets that support sandybridge processors like the i5-2500. Here is a nice table with features.

    (2) CPU overclocking. You'll need the i5-2500K (K version) to enable full OC'ing and a MB chipset that supports it. If you don't plan to overclock CPU then you don't need OC in your chipset or processor. Maybe save some money.

    (3) Toys like the SSD cache code is only available with z68, q77, H77, z77 chipsets. RAID is in an overlapping set of chipsets. IF you want to play with them later you need to buy the right chipset now.

    Good Luck, and enjoy.
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