Need a new graphic card... suggestions

This is my gaming setup although several years old still performs excellent
hp blackbird 002 with 1100 psu
Intel core 2 extreme quad core 3.0ghz
asus extreme striker MB with 6gig corsair memory on board
3 pcie-16 slots
22in samsung monitor
It had dual nvidia geforce 8800 ultras with nvidia sli (one of which is no longer working so now i have only card in)
and so this is why Im lookin for new Video card
the machine has cpu and graphic cards liquid cooling can i just remove the cardsx2 and just tie up the cooling lines for the cards and get another really good graphics card...
any suggestions as to which card would be a good choice
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  1. Nvidia 560Ti is a good option.
  2. sosofm said:
    Nvidia 560Ti is a good option.

    seeing your the only one who replied is there
    any particular one are they all (femi) there are many of them. I know different manufaturers but are there features on cards that are better that others and i know its gotta be pci-e

    thanks for the advice
  3. No matter which you buy, get the reference model. Factory overclocked is nice but you can pick up any 560 ti and manually overclock to the same speed and save a few dollars. If you plan on running with a massive overclock, say 940MHz or higher vs the stock 822MHz, then maybe you want to look into the one that has the best cooling. Also, you can spend even more money and get the 560 ti 448 core with 1280MB GDDR5 which will outperform the standard 560 ti. In the end it comes down to what you want to spend. Eitherway, a single 560 ti is a good improvement over 8800 ultras.
  4. this is the cheapest 560Ti . Buy good brands XFX , EVGA , Zotac, Asus, MSI ,GIgabyte.
  5. thank you for your input
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