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I am currently searching for a new case because the old one has developed a bad habit of restarting every time I take out the USB from the front panel. The bad habit case is the Cooler Master Haf X case. If there is any way to fix it then I will and if not I have been looking at new cases for replacement since my case did get beat up and with its bad habit unfortunately. If I need that new case it needs to fit this stuff Gigabyte Technology GA-P55-UD6 LGA 1156 Intel Motherboard with the Prolimatech Megahalems Rev.B CPU Cooler 2 Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F 120mm and the video card is Diamond ATI Radeon HD 5850 PCI-E 16X 1GB Video Card and then 3 HHD and 1 SSD with only 1 Optical Drive. I would like to stick with the Full tower case for ease of wiring but if for price wise I will go with mid tower with good cable management. I am also looking for one with good air flow and side window optional. For the price range I'm thinking about 270 without shipping cost would be the highest I pay for quality. Thats all I can think of if any other questions ask and I will answer them as quick as I can.
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  1. is it when you remove a memory stick from the usb?.. i think the first thing i would do is check the wiring in the case running from the front usb and make sure its all ok,and make sure it is connected to the motherboard correctly,i think it can be fixed without buying a whole new case
  2. Yes it is when I remove the usb but its connected correctly because i had to replace my motherboard and is still doing it with the new one.
  3. why not just email coolermaster and ask for replacement io ports?

    i did with my haf-x

    the io ports and the hot swap went faulty

    emailed coolermaster in holland as i am in the uk

    they gave me the new parts free within 3 days

    only had to give them the serial number of the case

    couldnt fault their service
  4. How long did u have the case by chance.
  5. about 6 months

    but it had 3 year warranty

    bought from but just emailed coolermaster directly
  6. By chance is the serial number on the box too because the sticker that was on my case must have fallen off.
  7. yes its also on the box

    theres a label with barcode and the serial number
  8. I have tried them all on the warranty check but they all had errors. I cant say if I got the right numbers because they blacked out the numbers on the box on one side and the other one has one mark but hard to read a few of the letters or numbers. Can you take a picture and show me which one is the right one to try again.
  9. box is flat packed somewhere in the cellar so cant get to it at the moment

    should be on the label
  10. I tried all of them that looked like a serial number but none of them worked.
  11. cant find the box at the moment

    but have found my coolermaster storm trooper box

    the serial number starts with sgc then about 20 digits and letters

    has a label on both ends of the box with it on

    if yours has some illegible numbers either include a copy of your receipt in the email or photo the label with

    the barcode and include that--they may be able to scan the barcode to get the serial number

    may even be able to scan the barcode yourself with a smart phone
  12. I was reading on Cooler Masters site and see that my warranty has been expired now for a year. Now I see why it was giving me an error. I see they have parts and would like to know if you can put the tool less locks on both sides of the case but I also looked at all the parts I would need and it adds up to about the same price as a new case.
  13. my haf x had a 3 year warranty

    are you sure its expired ?

    didnt think the haf x had been out for 3 years yet
  14. They say on there site its a 1 year warranty on all there products except for the power supply's. I might be different in Europe but here I guess they only have one year warranty.
  15. thats a bummer

    3 year warranty on my coolermaster storm trooper as well

    seems unfair to get 3 years warranty in the uk but not where you are
  16. I might as well then go with the new case like I said up top in what I need and what will fit everything. The airflow is a must but I also forgot to put my power supply up there and it is Antec EarthWatts 650. I dont know if I could bump my price down and still get a full tower case with good quality.
  17. I have my choices down to 2 cases and they are the NZXT Phantom or Corsair 600T Silver Edition. I would like to have the 600T for portability but would like to know if has good air flow or is it better to go with the Phantom for airflow.
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