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PNY 9800GT supplemental Power Connector - where?


Hello, I picked up the graphics card at a yard sale - it appeared unused, was in the box, had the CD and book, etc. No extra cord to plug into the power supply or MB. The PNY manual is almost useless - it covers cards that don't require additional power, those that require one additional power connection, and those that require two.

Box Info: GeForce 9800 GT PCIe 2.0 1024MB DDR3 VCG981024GXPB
Card Info: PNY and XR8, "REV A00" sticker, there is a place at the top of the card (near the screw that tightens the card to the case) that could take a custom slip on connector (about 12 contacts on each side)
PNY Info: Their website is down - is the company defunct?

I put the card in the PCIe x16 slot (Gateway 507R P4 3.0 2GB XP Pro) and booted up. "Install Drivers" from the CD comes up with "Graphics Adapter Installed on this machine is not compatible with the current set of drivers." The two pictures in the book show cards with one and two rectangular 6-pin receptacles that looks like it fits a PCIe plug (my PS has an unused PCIe plug in its harness). So I figured this card must not need the extra power.

I downloaded a driver from, executed it, rebooted. I got the message I need to hook up the additional power to the card - I didn't write down the words, but something like finish the setup after you've installed the power. "Automatic Detect" reports the driver is the current driver. In it and the screen properties the card is identified as an 8600 GTS.

What should I do now?
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    Look, you should see a 6-pin PCI-E connector either on top towards the rear of the card, or the rear of the card. If your PSU does not have a 6-pin PCI-E connector I would advise you to get a better PSU.
  2. If you can't see a 6 pin power connector on a 9800, you either got the Eco version, Google it, or a damaged card
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  4. Thank you. I took the card out to take a picture - lo and behold, there was a connector on the back edge of the card that I couldn't see (I thought the receptacles were always on the top edge)
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