Should i replace my psu?

I just ordered an i5-3570k and z77 Asrock extreme4 mb and was wondering if i should replace my psu. i'm running a 4 year old pc power & cooling 610 watt psu which i bought in 2008 for a core2quad q6600. It still seems like it's working fine. should i bother replacing it? For safety's sake even. Thanks!
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  1. As long as the PSU's caps are still in good shape (I take my PSUs apart for thorough cleaning every two years after the manufacturer's warranty and replace caps if necessary at that point) and you aren't getting unexplained system lock-ups/reboots/no-boots, I personally wouldn't bother replacing it.

    I have a some Chinese PSUs in my PCs and have not had to re-repair them after putting some high quality caps in 'em. At least two of them are over 10 years old.
  2. I see no reason to replace a perfectly working psu unless your installing parts that are above what it's capable of and you haven't even mentioned a graphics card.
  3. I'm currently running a gtx 460. Waiting for the gtx 660 to upgrade. Thanks for the responses!
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