Crashing problem with HD 6770

hi guys
I've recently installed an HD 6770 but it seems to crash when I run anything that actually makes use of it.

Desktop stability is fine but it crashes frequently with fallout 3. I had the same problem with ArmA. It managed to recover once - VPU recover managed to reset it.

Overheating is not an issue. It's been crashing out with the GPU at full throttle but temperature only about 60 degrees - it will happily go to 80 degrees when doing a burn in with MSI Kombuster.

I've tried using different driver versions (8.872 and also latest version) which made no difference.

My system specs are as follows:
CIT 550u PSU
MSI K9N Neo V3
AMD dual core 4000+
2 gb 667mhz DDR2 RAM
VTX3D Radeon HD 6770
Windows XP Pro

I like this card so has anyone any ideas before I give up and send it back?!

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  1. Any overclocks at all?

    Can you run MSI Kombuster in full screen mode? does kombuster ever crash?

    How many games have you tried?
  2. hi
    I've only tried the 2 games, but they use different game engines, and get same problem.
    no overclocks in whole system - everything is standard.
    I had Kombuster running for 20 minutes, albeit slightly minimised. It's never crashed.
  3. Ok can you try full screen mode? I think the card will use a different power state for full screen 3D apps.

    Also are you able to try the graphics card in another PC?
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