Can external graphics card be attached to samsung rv509-a06in laptop

can a graphics card be externally installedn in a samsung RV509-A06IN laptop??? n if yes den which 1???
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  1. No graphics card can be installed in the laptop. You would be able to use an external graphics card dock if your laptop had an ExpressCard slot, but I believe it does not (check; I'm not sure).
    More question marks do not make your questions more question-like!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Make sure you have 34mm express card slot on your laptop, I have one samsung laptops with identical processor i5 480M (Identical right?). Just mine one with geforce in it. You can just get this kit: I know it's pricey, but if you want it's good. It should have worldwide shipping because you are from india (from your notebook model codename).
  3. He doesn't have expresscard so will need to do a diy setup. I can't find a pic of the mobo but you'll have to use the mpcie which the wireless card is plugged into. You'd probably be better off buying a new laptop or desktop.
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