Small upgrade help.

i have the Asus M4A78T-E mother board and AMD Phenom 11 x 4 965 black edition and 2 5770 graphics cards 6GB or ram.
thinking of getting a SSD for other games with this setup what would i need to get to 3 screen it i think i have a 650w PSU.
i am thinking of getting the 7970 for three screens though too have some extra money put away for a tune up and 3 screens. just worried not having the 990fx chip set might be holding it back. thanks in advance for all help on comments!
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  1. Any AMD build will "hold back" a high end GPU from reaching its max potential. Not that you won't see an improvement over another GPU, but the CPU will be your bottleneck at higher resolutions with cards like the HD 6950 and above. If you aren't overclocked, then that would be the biggest thing you can do for your system to keep up. 3.6GHz - 4.0GHz is attainable with that CPU ...with an aftermarket CPU cooler.

    IMHO, overclock the CPU and stick with what you have (HD 5770 CF). Save your money for a new build down the road. It shouldn't be a problem running three monitors off the pair of HD 5770's and integrated HD 3300.
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