I7 2600K Video Rendering Times

I am rendering for the first time with my i7 2600k overclocked @ 4.3Ghz.

It is currently rendering a 1.05GB 1280x720 60fps GoPro .mp4 video, with 2 slight colour correction and vignette effects added.

It is taking around 20 minutes to render 10 minutes of this footage. This seems pretty slow to me, considering all the hype I have heard about this cpu. It is rendering in Sony Vegas, and also has GPU support enabled. I have a GTX 560 ti 448 @ 880mhz.

Does this sound slow? Am I expecting too much?
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  1. CPUs aren't great to render with. GPUs work much better, and better still is QuickSync, which is a bit of fixed function logic found on Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPUs. It's pretty much the fastest thing around and doesn't max out your CPU's cores to do it (since its functions aren't part of the normal CPU logic).
  2. To get the best rendering performance you need to pair a good CPU with a good GPU. You need an even balence just like in gaming.
  3. I would bet you are limiting your rendering performance by only having 1 or 2 drives causing Vegas to read the file from the same drive its trying to write to.

    2 to 1 is decent in that case.
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