SB Live D.E 5.1 VS Philips Acoustic Sound Edge

Good day. I'm going to fix up a system using AMD Duron 850 and probably with an Asus A7V socketA 133MHz. Now I'm still considering whether to buy SB Live D.E 5.1 or Philips ASE as I know both sound cards are equally good. Also, which sound card is more compatible with AMD systems?

For speakers, I intend to buy the Creative Cambridge FPS2000. Any comments?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions that you guys have out there. Cheers!
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  1. IMHO while both are good cards you will have considerably less problems installing the Philips card. Make sure no matter which you choose install it in the third pci slot.

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  2. I have a philips acoustic edge, it's awesome! I'm using it in my kt7-raid system, and I have no compatability problems at all. I must advise you to stay away from creative. Their cards are picky about what system as well as what OS you use with them. I also notice a difference in the sound quality (AE has fuller high/mid range sound, unlike the "wimpier" output of SB live 5.1). The AE works in intel/amd systems running win9x/ME,NT4,and 2k--basically whatever you put it in. As far as the speakers go, I do not like cambridge sound. They sound bad in the mid/high-sound range. I'm using a set of klipsch promedia 4.2 ($320 from, hurry!) and a set of boston BA635's as my center/sub (for full 5.1 support). Any forum will tell you that then klipsch promedias are quite possibly the best computer speakers out there, even for being analog. I love my sound system, and I let my entire dorm know it. :)

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