Connecting two computers for gaming with crossover cable

hi i am arun my question is
1. how to connect two computers for playing games? please help me
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  1. Hello Arun29. You can but there is some work involved.

    Make sure both computers are on the same workgroup. TO do this Right click on My computer, Properties, go to the Computer Name Tab, See what is written in Workgroup. Change one computer by clicking on change and then type in the name of the other computer in the workgroup space down the bottom. Do not make the computer part of a domain. You want Workgroup.

    This name change will require a computer reboot.

    When both computers are on the same workgroup, we need to set IP Addresses.

    In Control Panel, Open Network Settings.
    Right click on Local Area Connections and select properties.

    Under the heading "This connection uses the following items, Find Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
    Highlight it, Make sure you don't uncheck the box, and click on properties
    Under the heading Use the following IP Address Enter in the Following on ONE Computer.

    IP Address
    Subnet Mask
    Default Gateway LEave Blank
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