Athlon X2 5200+ vs Phenom X6 1045t

Okay, so a while back I bought a new PSU and GPU.. I bought the XFX HD 5770, but the problem is, I have a X2 core 2.7ghz processor at the moment. So I am getting bottlenecked. So my question is.. I am looking for CPU/MOBO/RAM, and I came acrossed the Phenom X6 1045t.. Now would this help me with the bottlenecking? And would it be worth buying? Its only $110(CPU). Im just trying to upgrade my stuff so that I can get decent use out of my video card.
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  1. What are your current specs?

    Mobo, PSU etc...

    If you going to get new CPU+MOBO+RAM then I wouldn't recommend the x6 1045t. I would recommend that you go with intel.
  2. Only reason im going with the x6 1045t is the price. Im not wanting to spend that much, but I want to make it so im not bottlenecking at least.....

    I have Antec 650w PSU
    Athlon 5200+ X2 64bit CPU
    4gig DDR2
    HD 5770 GPU
    Biostar MOBO, AM2 socket

    and yes I know i need to get a new mobo too.. I am planning on buying CPU/MOBO/RAM.. I can get the 1045t with a mobo for only 150$ on tigerdirect. I can play alot of games.. but I can definitely tell my processor is holding me back with FPS.
  3. for gaming the 1045t is typically a waste as most games dont even use 4 cores much less the 6 cores of the 1045t. you'd be much better off with a faster clocked quad core, like the 955, if gaming is your main use. Even the dual core i3-2100 will beat the 1045t in most gaming, loosing only when a game uses more than 2 cores like bf3 in multi-player.
  4. Well according to, the 1045t gets high scores then the 955.. does this mean anything? or is that only cause it has more cores
  5. I'll refer you to Toms sub $200 cpu tesing and let you see for yourself. Maybe you will change your mind as the G860 also a formidible gaming cpu.,3120-3.html
  6. So you're saying id be better off going with the Intel dual care, then the FX-4100? I am already only a dual core 2.7ghz..
  7. schpen said:
    So you're saying id be better off going with the Intel dual care, then the FX-4100? I am already only a dual core 2.7ghz..

    the architectures are different. you cannot compare one architectures 3.0 ghz to another's 3.0 ghz.
  8. Well im trying to fix my GFX/CPU combo, because im bottlenecking..
  9. an all around version that people would move to is an am3+ mobo with a 965be processor. on single or dual core operations, the i3 will have an advantage, but the 965 has open room to overclock and has 4 real cores for games like BF3 if needed. it should not bottleneck a 5770

    any quad core phenom x4 i would think should not bottleneck a 5770. its not the most overly powerful card in existence.
  10. Hmm do you know where i can find the 965 without it being an OEM version? or do those not exist anymore?
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