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Hi, i have a very crappy old compaq evo desktop. i would like to use it fo light gaming maybe minecraft, since my laptop can only play it with low particles and short render distance etc etc. I have already upgraded the RAM, 1gb to 1.5gb.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: ptobably either somewhat soon if i decide to bother with it, im not sure if it is worth the bother but..

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: right now, i hardly use it, my family does because they dont do any gming, and ive been using my laptop, which doesnt game well but its better than the desktop. but after i upgrade it some probably light gaming,internet, videos (ill buy a new optical drive if i have to)

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: The GPU is a low power nvidia n-force i think, i get about 4 fps on mnecraft with tiny render distance, and the power supply doesnt have any marking on it showing the wattage, but the computer is one of those flat, low profile compaq evo's so it probably isnt more than 300w, maybe a 240w, if i move the computer into a new case it would be a botch to use because it is set up for that exact case. the pci and (i forgot teh other type of card slot) are angles toward the back, in this case but it just isnt set up right to be in any other setup. and i would need a special power supply.

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: pentium 4 @ 1.8ghz, 1.5gb ddr(i think, maybe ddr2) RAM, 240W-300W PSU, 120gb HDD, if i get some thermal compound i will be switching the cpu with a 3.0ghz P4 i have laying around.


PARTS PREFERENCES: I am not completely sure whether the pci or the other type o video card slot (not pci-e, i know that much) is faster, probably the other slot, but i found 2 pci slot video cards, both zotac nvidia GTs, one is a 520 with lower memory clock, half as many cores, and a higher gpu clock, the other is a 460 with lower gpu clock, higher mem, 90ish cores instead of 48ish. the 460 is 20$ more.

OVERCLOCKING:no, i dont want to spend more on extra cooling.

MONITOR RESOLUTION:about 720p, i have a 15-inch 4:3 and a 17 inch 4:3.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: i was only looking for pci cards because i didnt notic the motherboard in it had that other slot which i know was more popular for video cards back in the WinXP era. the 460 said it had a 300w psu minimum. i havent looked for cards for the other slot type yet.
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  1. also if anyone has any suggestions for it that would be great.
  2. mildgamer001 said:
    also if anyone has any suggestions for it that would be great.

    I would not spend a dime on that pc.
    It is long obsolete, and the upgrade parts will cost more than the upgrade parts for a more current pc.

    If cost is a serious issue, look for a used pc on ebay or craig's list.
    You can buy a new desktop with modern parts from Lenovo, hp, dell or whatever for <$400.
  3. well, im spending 60$ on a video card because 1. i already have a desktop (this one) that can be used for regular tasks just fine as it is, but i wanted a bit more performance out of it so it will last a couple more years and be usable for playing older games. i do not have 400$ i do not buy from ebay. i cant upgrade my laptop especially the video card, whoch is integrated intel 2000 graphics. so, i happen t have this desktop, i know it isnt worth dumping a ton of money into, but niether is a 3-400$ desktop from some crap company like hp or dell, it will have almost the same performance on regular tasks and probably not much more in gaming, and then i will still have to upgrade the new one so instead of 80$ total, it will be around 460$ total and that is for a gpu crappier than the 520/460 and then i dont even know what else i will have to upgrade. it just isnt worth it, when i absolutely need a higher end computer and have a better paying job, i will be building a 650$ desktop myself, that is quite a while from now though. i know it is outdated thats why i got it from my school for 30 bucks a year ago. but if i can get more performance otu of it for a rpice i can afford then i think righ now its my best bet. oh and the pci-e variant of the 520 card i made a link to is only like 8 bucks less so your claim on newer stuff being cheaper is, variable. anyone have suggestions for parts though or maybe know what the PSU is in it? Ive made up my mind to upgrade it if i can get enough performance out of a couple cheap upgrades so unless it is a COMPLETE lost cause then i will probably upgrade with something.

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