Is it possile to display a hosted image (banner - imageshack) in sig

doesnt seem to display when using any of the imageshack codes/links - are they enabled in the forum for all users?

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  1. A picture will appear in a sig if it is not too big (400 x 75 size limit) and it is entered correctly and you tick the checkbox "Apply signature: "

    All image links here at Tom's start with capitalized letters IMG surrounded by brackets and end with /IMG surrounded by brackets.


    I've heard there is a "weight limit" (size in KB) on sigs and avatars but I don't know what it is. It's there to keep people like me :D from entering a full-length movie as an animated gif.
  2. thanks a lot for the help, the size of the file is tiny - I should be Ok from here, I will check the size and the brackets etc, thanks again

  3. The file info at the link you now have showing puts it at:

    Filename: unleduecf.png
    Size: 239Kb
    Resolution: 640 x 66

    So it's too big.
  4. yeah just checked, gonna make a nice new one :-)

  5. bugger

    so now I am adding this to the sig boc in profle/forum options:" class="img lazy">

    and it just dissapears after I click submit, doh

    any tips? cheers
  6. Almost there... take out the [URL= part(s).

    It's just some website

    Click the nearly greyed-out words "BBcode" that appear at the top of each reply here and see the code I used to put the following sample here... It works the same way for a sig.

  7. i cant believe i am struggling to get to grips with this...

    looks good to me but is gif ok, still not showing - i better get to the stupid corner

    well not as sig anyway
  8. I've seen some recent post concerning problems with this site. There are a few things apparently not working right now, such as most of the right column and maybe the sig system is down too. I tried it out yesterday and it worked for me but then other people are having a terrible time with a few features here that aren't giving me any trouble at all.

    I'd say to keep trying every day and don't lose hope, it may not be a problem on your end.

    Gif files are fine, I use one in my avatar. Most popular picture files work, but I'm not sure of Psd files.
  9. thanks again i will persist

    i also noticed i was having probs with some other functions here ~ maybe same gremlins

    thanks for your help
  10. See my response in your other thread here.

    You had it formatted right in that thread. I even verified it by using my test account.
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