My front audio headers on my casecom case don't work with Motherboard

My motherboard model is Gigabyte M68MT-S2P says it is Compatible with AC'97 and Intel HD, But the front Audio panel doesn't seem to be working? There is only one header cable for the case, My case model is Casecom KM-6788 BLACK.

Is there a Solution for this problem?
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  1. Did you set the front audio to HD in the bios?
  2. ive looked on my Bios but i couldn't find it?
    could you tell me how to do this?
  3. Hmm. I dont see it in your manual either.
    Did you line up the case header so that the spot with the missing wire lines up with the motherbd headers' missing pin? (That would be pin 8 btw) If you have more than 1 missing wire then thats the ac97 header and your case should have both.
  4. i've found the solution, i just had to go to realtek HD Audio Manger click on the folder under the "device advanced settings" and tick the box say "disable front panel jack detection"
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