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What is a good small form factor graphics card for 240 watt power supply HP dc5800 sff computer.
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  1. Just google "6450 low profile"

    Many options available and it should fit in your power envelope
  2. D1avid said:
    What is a good small form factor graphics card for 240 watt power supply HP dc5800 sff computer.

    I realize this is an old thread, but there are still lots of these and similar computers out there and I asked exactly the same question. I assume the OP has found an answer by now, but many others probably haven't and this post might help.

    I have the computer that the OP is referring to (the HP/Compaq dc5800 small form factor) and bought two different video cards before I found a third that worked perfectly. The two prior cards were simply ignored by the system because they required more power than the slot provided. A little research on my part would have prevented this hassle.

    Due to the low power in the case, anything with its own fan was not an option since that would draw too much power from the PCI-e slot.

    I bought the winning card from MemoryExpress but they don't stock it anymore. These are the closest links I could find.
    The item number on the box is: N210-1GD3H/LP. Just google that # and you should find this card.

    The one on MSI's site doesn't have the same box mine came in but it seems to be the same specs. The card I bought is an MSI Geforce 210, 1GB DDR3, PCI-e 2.0, DirectX10.
    It included the low profile bracket and has outputs for HDMI, DVI, and VGA.

    NOTE: MemoryExpress's own listing stated that the card needed 300W. The box itself states that it needs 350W. BUT, the 240W case in the dc5800sff WILL power this card. I have all RAM slots full (8GB), two hard drives (one is a hybrid), an external hdd, and the case powers it all just fine.

    The card displays on two monitors beautifully. I have a 21" HP and the other is a 27" Acer. The big Acer is using an HDMI signal and the HP uses the DVI signal. I don't know if you can have three monitors simultaneously or not but I only have the two anyway.

    Comes with the low-profile bracket. This means you need TWO slots - one for the card itself, and another one immediately adjacent so that you can use the VGA out if you want to. In my case, and maybe in yours too, you might not need the additional little VGA bracket since the HDMI and DVI outputs are both on the card itself, but if your monitor only accepts VGA or if you want to leave the HDMI free for something else, you'll need this. The dc5800sff accepts them both no problem.

    MSI makes a huge array of cards with similar names. Make sure the one you buy does NOT have a fan on it. The fanless heatsink design works well, and the fan will draw too much power.

    I don't know if they make the same card with 2GB on board, but if they do, I'd grab it. A good seller on eBay will let you return it anyway if it doesn't work, although you'd be out the cost of shipping.

    The dc5800sff is a good little computer and very capable if hopped up a little bit. This card allows me to edit video and work with Google Sketchup beautifully, something I had trouble doing before.
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