ASUS EAH6870 driver issue

So I just built the system in my sig. Once I got Windows 7 64bit installed, I installed all the windows updates and the MB drivers. Everything seemed to be running smoothly with no drivers installed for my ASUS EAH6870 DirectCU. I downloaded the latest drivers from the ASUS site, installed and restarted and the Windows login screen is completely jacked up looking. It's light blue but I can't see the password line or shutdown button unless I mouse over that spot and even then it's weird looking. I've also tried the latest drivers from the AMD site and tried only installing the driver without the rest of the Catalyst software. I also tried the Vista drivers from the CD that came with the card. All result in the same problem.
Here is a picture of the Windows login screen with drivers installed:
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  1. Try to hit F8 just before windows loads and go to safe mode(this will turn off video card acceleration).

    It may well be a defective card.

    When the drivers are loaded, the card will be used for displaying everything(AERO + hardware acceleration. You can turn AERO off, but if you game and the card is defective, it will mess up again). Without drivers it was not used in the same way.

    I would not think bad of Asus on this one, it happens
  2. Thanks, yeah i restart in safe mode to uninstall the drivers and when I restart windows normally, with no drivers, everything is fine.

    There is a BIOS listed for this card on the ASUS website, anybody think updating the BIOS would work? Seems like the card should work still work without the new BIOS. I've never flashed a GPU BIOS, so I'm hesitant.
  3. Do they list the reason for the bios update? They generally do for motherboards.

    Lets say they messed up and did not apply enough memory or gpu voltage, then the bios update may fix it up.

    When the 5770's came out, there was an issue of the cards running @ 157 and some becoming unstable at that speed so they bumped it to 400(with the right voltage). I am very happy mine ran and still runs stable at 157 since it saves power.
  4. Here are the 2 reasons listed:
    1. Adjust overdriver limit to 1200E/6000M
    2. Adjust voltage limit to 1.4v.
  5. Looks interesting, but it looks like they just want to give you MORE overclocking. It is not stable at stock.

    I do not think you have anything to loose.

    It may be worth a straight replacement depending on the store you picked it up from if you are not comfortable with flashing it.
  6. Thanks, I was thinking it the same as you. I think I'm gonna take it back to Fry's.
  7. good bet.
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