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I have a 2008 Dell computer running Windows XP. A few weeks ago it started randomly shutting down, no blue screen of death, and then it automatically restarts. Today it did this twice. I'm a writer, and except when answering emails not on the web that much -- however, a new version of Norton forced me to update it, and wondering if that has anything to do with it? Yes, my den does get warm in the summer, and yes it's dusty in here. But have never had this problem with other computers
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  1. Norton could be one of the reason but as you may suspect, overheating could be it as well. Try HWMonitor to check for temperatures on your PC. Once you rule out overheating, then you can try to rollback ( of uninstall temporarily ) the Norton to verify if the upgrade could be the culprit.
  2. are you actively on the computer when it restarts?
  3. Just wanted to let you all know you were all smarter and savvier than the computer "pro" who charged me $85 and couldn't figure it out.

    It wasn't my computer overheating, it was the power surge protector, which finally got so hot that when i put my foot against it I noticed. And got rid of it and plugged into a power strip = no problem now. THANK YOU GUYS so much, i learned a ton, like how to run my own diagnostics :)
  4. Good for you. As the person who see everything that happens with your PC & its operating environment, you are in the best position to diagnose the problem.
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