Hoth Killer Build Log <In Progress>

First off let me say i will be using the spoiler tab to prevent extensive loading from images.
**If anyone needs any design work done personal computer related feel free to pm me, Ill do it for free and itll help me work on my drawing and drafting skills**
This is my Star Wars Sith Empire style build log. Comment but not to harsh ;)


Case: NZXT Switch 810 White
MoBo: ASUS Sabertooth P67
RAM: 12 GB 1866 DDR3 Patriot Viper Xtream (2x 2GB and 2x 4GB)
CPU: Intel i7 @3.4
GPU: ASUS gtx560ti
PSU: Antec 900w

Pics of case (more to come)

Design of front process, I used ACAD to get a very clean looking stencil and to ensure everything will work before I cut.


Drew front panel and then began designing the cuts.

How it will look on white panel with red grill behind it. (hopefully)

Now if you couldn't tell the first part of this is concentrated on the front panel where, from what i can tell, is designed to be the intake of the case and there are two intake fans there that are bottle necked with restricted vent sizes hence the cuts and mesh.

Now onto the build:

Prep work.

Tape up working surface with low tack (painters) tape. Then tape on the stencil so it all lines up nice and it is tight against the panel. I may also try and cut out the stencil and trace it onto cardboard to make a bit of resistance for the dremel but ill try this.

will post more once i get some free time from work.
!******End UPDATE 26 June 2012********!

Sorry for the really long delay. Havent had the time nor the money to put anything into this project. However alot of progress has been made since my last update.

Ive also Upgraded from a 560ti to a 670 and I have a second one on the way for sli.

When I cut the front plate I decided to use a drill press and move the plastic around the drill that way it acted as a cutting tool. I think it came out well as seen here:

The next thing I did was install the red fan grills to the back of the plastic using 2 sided 3M tape. **update** used silicon sealant after the tape failed to hold the grills in place after a week or so.

Heres the front. and then the front when installed with 2 120mm Red LED fans behind it.

My large order from Performance PC came in so that I can move forward on my project. Water cooling will have to wait a bit to be installed since ive decided to turn my build into a 2011 socket instead of the 1155 i have now.

In the pic is from top left to right, XSPC Ram Block with additional pair of heat sinks, The two red fans that I had installed behind my front plate, red anti kink coils, 4 corner led strips, a XSPC 360 Rad, a GVans 6 fan fan controller, Koolance QDC fittings, 2 Y Splitters, 2 extensions 1 40mm and 1 50mm, a kill coil, and a 80mm fan that I now have no use for :)
In addition to that picture I have white monsoon compression fittings, Red 1/2 ID tubing, XSPC single bay res, Appogee Drive 2 Pump/cpu Block, 3 Bits Fenix spectre pro white led fans 140mm.

I installed the bit fenix fans and the fan controller. I am working on a layout of the led strips and I way to wire them since they dont have molex ends.

Heres a current pic of my build in the dark.

Surprisingly with the new fan configurations, even with the stock i7 cooler my cpu temps do not go over 55c when playing games on their highest settings so I cant imagine what this thing being water cooled will do when I OC it.

***End Update 11 April 13***
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