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    To tell the truth I am not really happy with either one of them in terms of price/performance.

    The FX processors still have lots of problems being recognized innately by the motherboards even this long after they are released.

    I guess I would take the 2nd one if I had to, but really I just wouldn't take either one.

    I know you don't want a full build, but you should really look at one.

    With a budget of $800, you should be looking at an i5-2400 a z68 motherboard and a 6870.
  2. Could you please fill this out and I would willingly post a different and better build.

    As previously stated both aren't great, wouldn't go with an AMD (the i3-2120 is better) and GPU is lacking (6870 is better than the 560 for the same price).
  3. outcast61 said:

    Sorry but I can't suggest niether of it. Intel platform(Sandy Bridge, Sandy Bridge-E and Ivy Bridge) for me is still the best option
  4. Thanks, i'll definantly look into that. I kept telling him the 6870 was better than the 560 for the same price but he's an nvidia fan boy. But thanks for the processor suggestion.
  5. 6870 and 560 are pretty much the same. You can get whichever is cheaper, usually that is the 6870.
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