Is it worth it to upgrade my I7-970 to a new sandy bridge I7-3930K?
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  1. I don't think so. There's plenty of life left in that cpu.
  2. You are better waiting off till the haswell/broadwell lineup on cpus before upgrading.
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    Ketsurui said:
    Is it worth it to upgrade my I7-970 to a new sandy bridge I7-3930K?

    "Worth it" is a relative term. $570 + $200 on the mobo is hardly worth it for whatever performance gain in gaming. Whatever performance increase you can get from multi threaded application is probably something you can afford to miss. But if you are itching to see 12 threads in task manager & you got the budget, of course it is worth it. :) To be honest, I dream about the 2011 platform just for that simple reason, nothing more...
  4. Thanks everyone for your input and I figured as much. Also what about mobo I have the P6X58D Premium, is there anything else that I can squeeze some performance out of or at least do a sata6 raid 0?
  5. If you still do not have SSD, that is probably the next worthy upgrade.

    Do you game on you PC? If yes, what is your video card?
  6. Old HD5870 x 2 in crossfire. I am looking to upgrade to the 7950 x 2
  7. Whether that is worthy upgrade is a subject for another thread I guess. :)
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