CPU Temperature goes Critical!

Hi!, i'm not really sure where to post this but my issue is regarding CPU and Processor Temperature.

I'm wondering why my CPU temperature goes stable at 83c and my Processor is up around 100c whenever i'm playing a game FFXIV online and others.

I have checked my fans and they are working fine, i removed the case cover, my amp temp is normal (my room feels fine), the air coming out from the fans feels somewhat cold, i reapply a new thermal paste/gel on to my processor. However, according to HW Monitor, my temperature is still in critical (please see image below).

I'm just worried that my CPU's gonna get fried.

Additional info:
Case - Antec Twelve Hundred, 6 Default fans.
No additional cooling system (tempting to buy a new heatsink soon to replace the fan from processor).
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  1. Are you using a heatsink?
  2. More importantly, which heatsink are you using? I don't think that your computer could even boot up before it burnt out without a heatsink. Also, how is the thermal paste done? Thermal paste is a MUST, and a good heatsink is as well. Id recommend a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, or a ThermalTake Water 2.0 performer if you are using a stock heatsink. I have used the Hyper 212 Plus in a friends build (the Evo is the same but better), but have read very good reviews on the ThermalTake Water 2.0 performer. Remember, the thermal paste only needs to fill microscopic cracks, and doing too much can actually degrade performance.
  3. Need to change the cooler, since no hot air is came out from the heat sink. the heat is not transferred good enough to the cooler.

    Check in the temp in the bios (since it better than 3rd parties soft), if u get similar reading, change the cooler or replace the thermal paste and make sure the cooler had good contact with the proc (all clips secured).
  4. Hi guys, thanks for the replies! I don't really have any good particular heatsink but the one that comes with my processor long time ago. I'd just cleaned the paste off the processor and heatsink and reapply a new thermal paste by putting smearing it on a heatsink first (as the thermal description instructed).

    The bios temp reading is almost similar to the HW Monitor program when in idle. Also this issue only occurs when i'm playing a game, but without it my CPU temp drops down to 41-60+C and Processor to 56-60+C

    I am planning to get either Hyper 212 evo, TPC 812, or NH-D14. Currently, i'm trying to do some research between these 3 and see how well they operate with little noise.

    If installing Heatsink doesn't fix my issue then i don't know what to do... Buy a new mobo?
  5. http://www.frostytech.com/top5heatsinks.cfm
    Might help with the research for a quiet one...
  6. dodger46 said:
    Might help with the research for a quiet one...

    That list looks so old.. no HR-02 listed, for example.
  7. Are you applying the thermal paste in the correct amount? you don't want more then a pea sized drop in the middle.
  8. What interests me is why your computer doesn't shut down automatically because of the high temps. Have you turned off that option in the bios?

    Were your temps lower before? Are you overclocking? If you've had these temps for a long time I'm surprised your cpu hasn't melted until now which leads me to question if the tenperature sensors really are working properly?

    The stock 920 cooler should be fine as long as you are not overclocking. If the fan is still spinning as before there is no reason why the temperatures suddenly would spike, especialy since you have replaced the thermal paste.

    As Mouse said - make sure you don't apply too much, it should be even less than a pea, more like a grain of rice.
  9. Oh,, i don't i applied the correct amount, i think i applied to much. I'll try to redo it again.

    I think it's risky to overclock so i wouldn't do it. Also, i'm not sure if this has been going on for long time, i never check my temperature until recently, and yes i'm surprise that my mobo hasn't melt down yet. For now, i can't play any other gaems until i fix this issue. My bios is fine and on default, the only thing i changed there are the booting setting and raid setting, other than that, cell menu features like voltage, core and such are all in default.
  10. most time with the plastic led heat sinks they losen up or you dont push them in all they way.
  11. Alright, i got me a new heat sink and this time i only apply "less than a pea, more like a grain of rice." on to the processor instead on the base of the heatsink. And i think it's somewhat working? I'm currently stress testing right now by playing game and sitting it out instead using Prime.

    The CPU jumps from 33c to 40c and remain stable around 35-41c.
    Processor jumps from 43c to 56c for 20 mins now and it's still climbing slowly.
  12. I think it's stable now! thank you guys!! ... now how to close this as Solve?
  13. Those temps sound much better, glad to hear it's working now! :)
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