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So I have a computer that I built a few years back with a Athlon II Rana 445 x3 and a single Radeon 5770, I decided to upgrade that system for my wife so she can use it as her main computer. I am looking for a motherboard that I can use to try to unlock that processor to a phenom, as well as OC a bit. I was thinking this:

I also already purchased a second 5770 for a very cheap price, I was wondering if the mature drivers allow for decent crossfire, and if it would be worth it in a x16 and x4 set up on that mobo. I did some research on power as well, and since the 430w that I have in there would be cutting it too tight for any kind of OC, i also got a 530w that should give me about a 100w headroom. (the system will only draw about 400 watts at load)

Basically, besides the mobo question, I was wondering if that processor could be OC'ed enough so as to not bottleneck a dual 5770 set up, as I already feel like the 445 without any kind of OC bottle necks just one 5770. Money is not an issue, but the most intensive game this computer will ever need to run is probably going to be diablo 3 or TOR, and it doesn't need to be at the highest possible settings, just playable with good frames at medium or so with a 1080p monitor. thanks!
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  1. the chosen motherboard is great and will oc without a problem

    make sure that the psu is of antec ,corsair,seasonic , silverstone ,xfx ,ocz, thermaltake ,coolermaster, and few trusted and not of radmax, kingwing and some other unknown psu as oc will danger ur system as the unknown psu are famous for this kind of things

    and also buy a 80 + =< graded psu so that u save on bills and the psu wont get much heated

    and at last dont only go on wattage of the psu as the main thing is to chech how much amps it can provide and is the 12V rail single or dual a single is better

    hpoe this helps :D
  2. This is the PSU, 80+ and single 12v

    Still curious about the processor questions, there is a deal on newegg right now for a phenom II 980 for 150 bucks, should I just get that? Or take my chances trying to unlock the rana 445?

    Also, will the 5770 crossfire set up be effective with more current games, even if they are not particularly demanding? All the reviews for 5770 xfire set ups are understandably outdated. Do the 5770's suffer screen tearing issues like the 6xxx series cards or are the drivers matured to the point where most of the bugs are worked out?
  3. it is better not to buy rosewell psu the might be making good cases but not psu

    the only place u cant/shouldnt compramise is a psu

    those are the veins of ur pc

    if ur are going to buy a processor i suggest to get an i3 and compatible mobo

    i3 is faster than fx 4100 @ 4.5ghz which means is faster than or as faster than any amd cpu currently

    pros to get a i3

    1. it is cheaper
    2. it is faster consumes less power
    4. in turn gives less heat
    5. even it is a dual core but has 4 threads which means it behaves like a quad core cpu
    6. it supports turbo boost and its performance can be boosted

    cons of i3

    1. it cannot be overclocked

    u choose what uis good for u

    if u upgrade to intel it has a future which is ive bridge which means u can upgrade later

    in case of amd amd is gonna release new cpus in year 2015 which is verry and is a fast as a sandy bridge cpu which are available today

    also make sure that u have a ddr3 ram as am2 and am2+ uses ddr2 which is incompatible to am3 am3+ and lga 1155

    Intel Core i3-2120 Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz LGA

    $ 128

    ASRock H61M/U3S3 LGA 1155 Intel H61 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
    (if not gonna sli or crossfire x)

    if gonna sli and oc later then

    ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

  4. Well, like i said originally, I plan on using two 5770's in CF, as i had one already and grabbing another one for cheap was an easy decision. I have a build planned for myself that I intend on spending quite a bit of money on, but for this one I just want something my wife can use for web browsing/ light gaming. I don't intend to upgrade the processor, I just hope to unlock it, or OC it a bit. I have an extra cooler master 212 lying around so i should be able to get decent numbers out of it. I am still wondering if two 5770's in CF is worth it, especially in a 16 by 4 config as opposed to an 8 by 8, and if the radeon 5xxx series suffers from screen tearing issues like the 6xxx series.
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