First Time Builder? $700-$1000 rig

Hi, I want to make a computer for UDK, photoshop, 3ds Max, and gaming. My current budget is $700-$1000, but the lower the better :)

I need AT LEAST 8gb of RAM, and a nice quiet system would be great. Also, I won a small TV from a raffle and I'm planning to hook it up to the TV monitor if that matters.

I prefer from Amazon, but Newegg would be good too. Thanks!
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  1. hello op

    if u are going to game then a tv will be a waste

    tvs are very and has very slow response timing.

    means if u are a hard core gamer u will get irritated of that lagging.

    the motion response or anything which adds frames to make it looks smooth it actually make it worse :pfff:

    if u have the gaming option in ur gaming then u are good to go

    u can decide weather to go with a monitor or the tv try of some time if u thing that is impossibe then change it
  2. I never knew that, I guess that's why my friend's computer lags so much when playing The Old Republic on low settings while I can play on med finely with the same specs on a monitor. Guess the TV can be in the guest room :P thanks for the info
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    for 3d max hyper threading would be usefull but u have a low budget

    so here we go

    intel i5 2400 quad core
    ASRock H61DE/S3 LGA 1155 Intel H61 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s ATX Intel Motherboard
    corsair vengence 4x 4gb 1600 mhz ddr3
    msi gtx 560 ti 1gb ddr5
    ocz pro 600w fully modular 80+ psu
    cooler master haf 912 mid tower case
    asus 24x dvd burner
    wd carvier blue 500 gb 7200 rpm hdd
    ocz agility iii 90 gb sata3 ssd

    this will fit in ur budget

    if not then remove the ssd

    i made this build assuming that u will not oc and sli

    hope this helps :D
  4. Thanks man!
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  6. your welcome :D

    post some pics
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