GTX 580 vs 6970 strange performance

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I've been looking through benchmarks, specifically relating to BF3 as that is my primary game and noticed that there is inconsistent results on the FPS.
I'm trying to determine how much better the GTX 580 is over the 6970 for Battlefield 3 at 1080p specifically.

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This first link shows that on high settings with no MSAA, 6970 gets 70.18 FPS
This link shows that on high settings with no MSAA, GTX 580 gets 69.86 FPS.
* So on that thread on tomshardware, the more expensive GTX 580 (~500$ card) is actually slower than the 6970 (~$350). Am i missing something?

This website shows that on Ultra with FXAA (no MSAA) the GTX 580 gets 65.8, and the 6970 gets 55.1. GTX 580 is 19% better than the 6970.
* So this website also shows the GTX 580 is faster than the 6970 as expected

I know these are benchmarks and don't neccessarily reflect real multiplayer performance but is the GTX 580 actually faster than the 6970 for Battlefield 3 (no MSAA)?
Any one have any input or insight they can shed.
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  1. I think that this bechmarking cards is not going to change anything since can you really notice the difference between a card that has 70 fps and a card that has 68 fps. Unless cards are struggling with fps fo 35 , 40 , 45 , 50 fps you are not going to notice a difference in gameplay over 60 fps. People like to run two or three cards because they want to play at ultra with everything turned on and is it really that much better. I think as long as you have a good picture and the gameplay is smooth and stutter free then do you need more than that.
  2. What im trying to highlight is the fact that the GTX 580 costs $500-525+ and the 6970 costs 350$ (australian prices).
    The GTX580 is meant to be around 20% faster than the 6970, and the links i highlighted has shown inconsistent results. So i'm trying to find out why that is so, .. not whether i can tell difference between 68 and 70 fps.....................
  3. Not all test results will be the same. Maybe the other website used a different benchmark.
  4. but is it safe to say the gtx 580 is actually approximately 20-25% faster than 6970 in battlefield 3 (in the real game)?
  5. It really all depends on your configuration in your computer as to what you will get "real time" BF3 experience. Every computer is just a little different , ram amount , cpu model , hdd , anything overclocked , by how much. I think that it is close to that percentage faster and I just looked at a benchmark that was comparing the new 7970 card and there were several cards in the test including the 580 and the 6970 and BF3 was in ultra mode with AA enabled and the result was close to the 20 to 25% , GTX 580 -43 fps , 6970 -33 fps.
  6. The toms article you link to was done in October close to the release of the game while the Anantech one was done in December so the difference I think must be due to driver updates. If you look at toms &970 review you see the same patern as the Anantech one.

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