Difference between i3 and i5 cpu?

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  1. basicaly the "3" and the "5" are the main difference :)
  2. crisan_tiberiu said:
    basicaly the "3" and the "5" are the main difference :)


    Anyway a Sandy Bridge i3 is 2 cores/4 threads (with HT), and a Sandy and Ivy i5 is 4 cores/4 threads (no HT). The i3 also doesn't have Turbo.
  3. here's a comparo of a core i3 and two core i5 from 2 different generations:
    for more info, check http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/homepage.html
    and www.google.com
  4. This depends on which form factor and which EXACT two processors we are talking about.
  5. Also, the i5 range have K-series CPUs in them (the 2500K and the 3570K) that have their multipliers unlocked for easy overclocking, where as there aren't any CPUs in the i3 range with unlocked multipliers.
  6. Title really need to change from "The fastest processor in the world 2012" to something else. I jumped in to put the answer "the human brain". But the question is totally irrelevant which would make my answer totally wrong.

    Also, i3 and i5 different by i3 not having turboboost.
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  8. hmmm.....so in short the i5 is better
  9. In terms of absolute performance, the top i5 will always beat the top i3.

    Then you have the low power models for i5 which don't beat the top i3 and other measurement like performance per watt and performance per dollar, which I don't know but i3 may beat an i5.
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