Temps too high for i5 2500k? or is it normal?

I bought a new pc yesterday, an i5 2500k with a Cooler Master elite 334u case. i am using core temp to monitor my temps. as i write the temperatures are as follows:
core 0: 41
core 1: 45
core 2: 45
core 3: 40

i think this is a little too high. i even have the air conditioner turned on ( its summer here in my country, so i thought that maybe the room temperature is too high, but with the AC on, the temperatures just dropped by a few degrees.)

im thinking of adding a hyper 212+. what would be the temperatures with the cooler added? is the cooling good or bad in the system? what should i do?

sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. I'm guessing those are pretty much idle temps and they're a bit high, yes. Since you're using the stock cooler, that's not uncommon though. Idle (or near idle) temps aren't really a major concern though, it's load temps that really matter.

    Regardless, a 212+ will help quite a bit for both idle and load temps. Depending on your actual ambient temp, I'd say you should expect ~35C or slightly less with the 212+ at idle.

    I have a 212 Evo and idle at ~30C, but my ambient is 23C, so relatively cool.
  2. under full load using prime95 i get 70-80 degrees. will this help to wear out my cpu? how many years will it last if it is on 80 degrees?
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    I honestly can't really tell you the amount of time in years it will last at ANY temp, but higher than the recommended 72C for long periods of time will certainly shorten its life somewhat. 80C isn't the worst thing, but it's always good to keep it cooler if you can.
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