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Hey everyone, im new to the forums and am seeking a little help with upgrading my video card. I currently own a gateway sx2851 and am looking to beef up the video card to play the old republic. My problem is that it is a slimline case and has a limited power supply. The specs say that it has an available pci-e slot however im not sure where to go and what video card would help me out. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!
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    this is one I was looking into but again im not certain if the power supply of my computer can handle it
  2. Go for a 6770 instead, your PSU should be able to handle it
  3. has to be low profile... his gateway is a slimtop. Edit: Nm this is probably best, comes with free game

    Be sure to check inside your case to make sure you have clearance for the dual slot, measure twice - purchase once :)
  4. i just read about the one i posted more, and it said it needs 400 power whereas my computer only offers 220 .... :(
  5. Ahhh.... with such a low power draw ..... they make those PSUs custom for their small formfactor PCs. Here's one that won't draw too much.

    Good luck my friend, there's almost no PSU upgrades... the most you could get is a 250 watt off ebay. Never purchase those small form factor PCs if you can help it :( if you can return the system, I would. There's plenty of mid-tower PCs at the 4-500 price point.
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