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HP Pavilion a1710n with Asus a8m2n-la motherboard with on board video. Will a Ge

Will GeForce 8500 Graphics card work on HP Pavilion a1710n with Asus
Motherboard: A8M2N-LA aka HP/Compaq motherboard name: NodusM3-GL8E? How do I turn off on board video to allow it to use the 9500 graphics card?
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  1. In the bios there is probabaly an option to turn off integrated graphics. If you don't know how to get into the bios then search around a bit. You probably need to hit F2 or del at startup.
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    you can use that card (make sure slot is same as is required by card)

    bios automaticaly turn on your card when inserted and as soon as you start pc, so generaly you don't need to change any settings

    you will need to connect your monitor to your card
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  4. Yep, it works fine...however the sound will not work unless you use a demux cable off the per card design. Thanks.
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