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Pentium d heatsink

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June 27, 2012 11:22:40 AM

i have just recently bought a tower for 15pounds and it came with a celeron d 347 3.06ghz witch was a very poor performer so i bought a a e4600 as it said my motherboard was incompatible as my motherboard says its a ecsp4m800pro-mv2.0 in big white writing on the board . but t would not even load the bios so i downloaded cpuid and it confirmed to em that it was actually an ecs p4m800pro-m v1.0 witch left me with not much of a decent upgrade .
so i boght a pentium d 820 2.8ghz witch i am cooling with my celron stock heatsink and the temps of the pentium are high it idles at 45 - 60degrees and under full load can end up at over 90c at witch point it turns off . my question is will this heatsink i have boght of ebay work and lower my temps as it says its designed for petnium 4/d/core2/quads etc
p.s its not been deliverd yet thats why i am asking lol

thanks guys ive read alot off this site and seen u people are the best to ask about this stuff cheers

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a b à CPUs
June 27, 2012 11:34:48 AM

I think any normal Core 2 quad heatsink shud suffice....those are rated for 95W :) 
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a b à CPUs
June 27, 2012 12:15:08 PM

Look at those ebay photos:

They don't look like 95W to me. :p 
a c 77 à CPUs
June 27, 2012 12:55:46 PM

I had Pentium D805 several years ago and I used ZalmanCNPS9500.
I believe you can still found them as second hand in can find also this as new
June 27, 2012 1:16:19 PM

amdfangirl ....i had my suspictions about the fan but luckily it only cost me 3quid . am i right in thinking that i need a copper heatsink or will a decent alimuinum do the job ... i have also still got the e4600 core2 lying around ... if i was too get a cheap motherboard to support it would the performance be alot greater then the pentium d 820 ,
a b à CPUs
June 27, 2012 1:38:45 PM

The stock pentium D heatsink was different from the pentium 4 775 heat sink, even though they looked similar. The pentium D heatsink was a little taller, heavier, has a copper mating surface and an inner vapor chamber, while the pentum 4 cooler and early core2duos were just a chunk of aluminum.

The PentiumDs were always very hot.. Did you remember to clean the chip and heatsink and use new thermal paist?

That cheap generic ebay cooler probablly wont be any better than what you have, but it cant hurt to try.

Get the biggest heaviest looking socket 775 cooler you can find that fits in your budget, or strap some more fans to that thing.
June 27, 2012 2:58:14 PM

thanx buck..and yes i cleaned the cpu and heatsink and applied new thermal paste .right now speedfan is telling me that my cpu is 52c.. but that goes up and down beetween45 to 60c under normal usage... if i benchmark it after 5 mins or so it will turn off ....i have one fan at the back of the case but i am unsure if its helping and i also have the side off my case off for more air