NVidia GTX 550Ti Sli or nVidia GTX 570

I am looking into getting a new gaming PC and I cannot decide what to do when it comes to the video card. Should I SLi 2 GTX 550Ti's or should I got with the GTX 570. From the research I have done it seems that the GTX 570 is the more poweful option, however, is the price difference worth the benefit in graphics? Thanks.
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  1. 570 all the way.

    550 ti's are not good at all.
  2. 570, stomps on 550ti sli all day.
  3. single 570 is better, go with 570

    some games can not use sli, and sometimes cause problem with sli

    and you can use other slot in future too (for pcie ssd or other gfx)
  4. Ok thanks guys!
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