Need help in choosing a budget processor & graphics

I am planning to assemble a gaming desktop.

Initially i thought to get the i7-3770k (INR Price 17700 RS/-) processor but the cost is too high it seems.

How good is 3rd Gen. i5 processors which will be compatible with the new games (FPS games) making it future proof for atleast 5-6 years & also would be directx 11.0 compatible

Please suggest some intel processors within INR 12000 Rs/-

If so, then which processor is good enough to use along with a GTX 560 TI or HD 7850 2GB

Graphics budget: (Within INR 15000 Rs/-)

other specs:
Ram: 4GB *2
motherboard: Intel DH77KC
Hard Disk : 2TB

Also i will be planning to purchase this setup by the end of July or first week of August.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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  1. CPU -> Core i5 2500K, if u plan to overclock, else
    Core i5 2500 , around ₹600/- cheaper :D

    Both processors are more than powerful enough. New 3rd gen processors are only 5% faster on average...but almost ₹2000/- costlier here in India coz of newness tax :P

    GPU -> 1GB AMD HD6950 or Nvidia GTX 560 , which ever brand u prefer :)

    For rough component prices, see the spreadsheet below,
  2. i5-3550 so you can support PCI-E 3.0
    z77-g1 sniper m3 or z77 asus maximus v gene
    2x4gb 1600
    1tb seagate 7200(not 5900 lp version)
    amd 7850
    600 watt seasonic or FSP or any other good brand
  3. i5 3570k
    2x4gb 1600 MHz corsair vengance
    gtx 670
    sorry if my prices are off, I am not familiar with your currency.
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