CPU Bottlenecking

hey guys

so i have the quad q9400 at stock speeds with stock cooler and the radeon hd 6850
i woulld like to know if the cpu is bottlenecking the gpu(4 year old cpu)
in summer im geting an i5 3570k with the z77x-D3h and the corsair vengeance 8 gb(current s kingstom ddr2 667mhz)
i would like to know if im going o get a much increased performance in both games and normal use, or just a slightly chage
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  1. For most games you should be fine, maybe a highly CPU bound game might bottleneck your CPU. But, since you are getting the i5 3570k, there's no need to worry. You can OC your q9400, till your upgrade.

    Here's a comparison between q9400 & i5 2500K

    The 3570k would perform about 10-15% better than the 2500k.
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