Core i5 2500k intel hd 3000 gta4 problem

i run gta4 on intel core i5 2500k with hd 3000 in game it shows 64mb ram in the graphics option of gta4 and i am not able to increase view distance so when i start game i can not see roads,buildings how to solve this problem?
plz help
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  1. Boot into bios and there should be some option that allows you to allocate ram. Also hd3000 isn't very good for any games :P
  2. yes i know am not buying any gpu ri8 now waiting for kepler series

    i have intel mobo dh67cl can you help me with help bios settings?i mean how to do
  3. Can you take pictures? I don't own an intel board. Boot into bios and post all of your options.
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