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Hi guys My pc specs are:
intel dual core e2140 1.6ghz
3gb ddr2 ram
nvidia gt7050/610i
320gb HDD
400w PSU
I am going to buy a Palit gt 440 ddr3 and my question is Will I be able to play FIFA 12 and PES 12 maxed out and Farcry on medium to high settings and a lot of other games.
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  1. you are not able to max any games with these specs definitly you'll need an i5 series to enjoy the max setting and yes you are able to run on medium or low.
  2. How is that possible when I run these soccer games on medium except of fifa 12 and farcry 2 on low with an integrated gpu.
  3. get at least nvidia 8800gt.
  4. ^yeah since thats a modern card... *sarcasm*, there are simple much better choices in that performance segment, its not 2007 anymore... his cpu would bottleneck even a 8800gt like crazy.... time for a new build or set your expectations super low
  5. If you want to play games without upgrading too much, get a Radeon 5570 and a 3 gig Core 2 Duo CPU. You'll be able to get playable results on many games with that combo.
  6. ^ yeah if you can find a c2d for cheap they seem to hold there value well in the resell marke, but Id say thats solid advice if the OP does not want to build new, but then again by the time they spent 150 bucks or more they could have been part of the way there money-wise towards a new low/mid build that could be upgraded further in the future if the OP wishes
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