Upgrade or sell?

helle everyone.
Im thinking of either selling or upgrading my current system, wich is:
Core i5 750 @ 2,7 Ghz + Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus
Asus GeForce 560ti
Intel DH57DD motherboard
Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB harddrive
Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB harddrive
Kingstion HyperX blu - 8GB @ 1333Mhz Ram
NZXT LexaS Case
Coolermaster GX 750W

I have a bid on my pc wich is around 800 $

Thanks all.
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  1. Depends. how much money are you wanting to use to build a new system. The system you have is decent. You could upgrade to a new Ivy Bridge i5 or i7 and maybe get a better power supply. ( not a fan of coolermaster for PSUs) After a CPU upgrade you could get a 2nd GPU. Again its up to you how much you want to put into a new build. You can always just wait until you see what you want for a new build, and borrow parts from this build to complete it and save money. Then you can just sell off the parts individually.
  2. sell it, you can't upgrade s1156 system for any reasonable price/performance ratio (best you can put in there is i7 880 which isn't all that much better and is already 2 years old)

    tbh $800 is quite decent price for that rig

    other option is replacing motherboard, cpu and ram for i5 2500k/asrock gen3 extreme3/atleast 1600mhz ram and sell the dh57dd/i5 750/hyperx

    560ti is still good noawadays

    then again, do you really need an upgrade? i've got similar specs and i'm quite satisfied with the performance

    edit: have you tried overclocking your cpu? 750 should go atleast as high as 3,6ghz (200x18) seeing as you've got a decent cooler
  3. If you already have a $800 buyer then I would sell and start over. Just don't sell it to a friend who is then going to pester you about supporting the system for the rest of your life. Otherwise i would keep everything and upgrade the mobo, CPU, and possibly GPU when the 600 series comes out.

    Your rig is not really outdated, so I would be hesitant to say that you would get much more performance from a new rig at this point in time. Sure your CPU could be faster, but you can OC. Sure your GPU isn't a monster... but you could SLi for cheap. And your ram is not the fastest, but 1600 is not much faster, and it is not likely the bottleneck in this situation.

    Knowing what games you play, what quality you play at, what res you play at, and what you currently get in FPS vs what you would like to get would make our suggestions easier to give.
  4. Oh, forgot to mention Ivy bridge is right around the corner. I don't normally suggest waiting for an upgrade on a new build, but as you already have a good system it will not kill you to wait a month or 2 to get the extra 10% performance bump over Sandy Bridge.
  5. Im really thinking to sell and get these parts:
    ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 with an i5 2500k
    some corsair psu 750w i think ill go for
    1600mhz kingston ram
    optical drive dvd writer
    mechanical storage hdd and a ssd
    some kind of nice case
    and then run on integrated grapichs until the 600 series is out :)
    for those parts i will be $ 822
    What do you think? =)
  6. "If you already have a $800 buyer then I would sell and start over. Just don't sell it to a friend " +1 $800 is a good price for that rig.

    Re new build, not sure that a person who was used to a 560ti is going to be happy with integrated graphics for long.
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